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Trips with children

Aleš Klosen - Hrad Kunětická hora. An inseparable symbol of Pardubice is the gingerbread. Whether it is decorated, or filled, surely nobody can resist, and for true gourmands, there is a temptation here in the form of a Gingerbread district below Kuněticka Mountain, where you can find the unique Museum of Gingerbread and Fairytales.

Inspirational programmes:

Events calendar

6/2/2018 8:00
6/3/2018 8:00
Aviation fair 2018
(Pardubice - Popkovice)

1/23/2018 19:00
(Dotkni se vesmíru a pokračuj)
East Bohemian Theatre (Pardubice)

1/24/2018 19:00
(Tajný deník Adriana Molea ve věku 13 a 3/4)
East Bohemian Theatre (Pardubice)

1/25/2018 19:00
East Bohemian Theatre (Pardubice)

1/26/2018 19:00
East Bohemian Theatre (Pardubice)


Which destination in the Pardubice region would you definitely recommend friends to visit?