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Pardubice region - basic info

Pardubice Region is a region that is as flat as a table with a solitary, though very striking, bump: Kunětická Mountain. It is part of the so-called Gold Ribbon of the Czech Republic, the most fertile part of the Polab Lowlands. Vast flowered meadows, historical irrigation canals and ponds are characteristic of this district. Pardubicko is home to numerous protected areas, such as primeval forest, a charming park with sycamores and ancient oak trees in Choltice, and a typical Polab landscape in the environs of Lázně Bohdaneč. This region is rich in monuments, including the Gothic-Renaissance chateau and historical centre in Pardubice, the castle on Kunětická Mountain, the Baroque chateau in Choltice and several religious structures, including the Romanesque church in Kojice and, finally, the wood church in Veliny. Pardubicko’s landscape has plenty to offer cyclists and fishing enthusiasts.

Aleš Klosen - Castle Kunětická hora. The natural dominant feature and symbol of Pardubicko is the castle on Kunětická Mountain. This region is also well-known for gingerbread and horses. Partly because Pardubice has half a horse (the front half) in its emblem, and partly because just a couple of kilometers beyond the Labe River there is a well-known stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem. And, thirdly, the world-famous Grand Pardubice (Velká pardubická) Steeplechase, one of the most difficult races in the world, has been taking place in Pardubice since 1874.

And Pardubice’s gingerbread is as famous as, for instance, Štramberk ears (a sweet pastry), Olomouc tvarůžky (a very strong cheese), or Pilsner beer (beer from the town of Pilsen). Most of it is decorated and produced in various forms – from flat shapes to three-dimensional works of art, such as gingerbread cottages. Special series are produced for special times of the year – e.g. Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Nicholas’ Day, Christmas – and in honour of various fairy tales. The Gingerbread Headquarters, the Gingerbread Museum and their fairy-tale environs are situated at Kunětická Mountain.


Aleš Klosen - Chateau Choltice. In addition to the fact that long bike paths run through this region from Hradec Králové to Mělník, Pardubicko has several well-marked local and connecting trails leading to the most attractive tourist destinations. They are primarily class III routes and along local and special purpose routes. The surface of most paths are firm, with an asphalt cover. Owing to the character of the landscape in the plains along the Labe River, the bike paths are intended for undemanding cyclists, thus easily manageable for families with children. The only rise occurs during a detour through the Kunětická Mountains themselves. The profile of this trail is relatively undulating. Any kind of bike can be ridden over most stretches; when riding through forests and over dusty paths through fields it is recommended that at least a trekking bike be used.

Trails run, for example, from Pardubice to Opatovice, Bukinov, the Kunětická Mountains, the forests around Holice, or along the Labe River.

Events calendar

5/21/2022 15:00
(ME družstev do 23 let - semifinále 1)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

7/12/2022 17:00
(Evropský pohár dvojic do 250 ccm)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/24/2022 13:00
(FIM Flat Track World Championship)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/24/2022 15:45
(48. Zlatá stuha juniorů)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/25/2022 12:00
(74. Zlatá přilba města Pardubic)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)


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