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There are wild mountain waters and somewhat calmer ones in the foothills nearby Pardubice. Perhaps the Wild Orlice will satisfy wild water and rafting fanatics, or the Tichá Orlice offers relatively calmer water similar to the Opatovický Channel. The more than five-hundred year old Pernštejn Channel for supplying the ponds, will take you through the romantic nature of the Polabi. If you would prefer to spend some time somewhere by the water, then we can recommend windsurfing and other water sports at water reservoirs – for example Pastviny (70 km od Pardubic) or Seč (30 km from Pardubice) or bathing in the clear waters of former sand quarries (Mělice, Hrádek). One cannot forget to mention fishing, which some consider relaxing, while others perceive it is an adrenaline sport.

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