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Welcome to the Pardubice region - the gingerbread heart of Bohemia!

A horse’s mane flying through the air and the sweet scent of honey and cinnamon characterise this most fertile pare of the Polabi. Pardubice is a diverse region, which has a lot to offer nature, history and sports lovers. It is a region of sunny fields and grand leafy parks, majestic rivers and picturesque ponds with banks abounding with flowers and bird song.


Aleš Klosen - Zámek Choltice. Na Several protected territories are found here, such as the beautiful sycamore and one-hundred year old oak tree park in  Choltice or the landscape in the surroundings of Bohdaneč Spa – the only spa in the region, including the highly valued National Bohdaneč pond nature reserve and other remains of the extensive Pernštejn pond complex from the turn of the 16th century. Its source was the Labe River, artificially built, the over 32 km long Opatovicky Channel , which still serves today and is a significant natural and architectural-technological monument in the region.


Aleš Klosen - Zámek Pardubice. Thanks to an ideal geographical location and favourable climate, the Pardubice region has a long and rich history, which has left behind a number of cultural monuments. For example the gothic - renaissance chateau and historical centre in Pardubice, the castle on Kuněticka Mountain - the natural dominant point of the Pardubice region, the baroque chateau in Choltice and a number of examples of valuable folk architecture and religious buildings starting from the Romanesque church in Kojice and ending with the wooden church of St. Nicolas in Veliny . A truly exceptional monument is the horse-breeding farm in Kladruby nad Labem, famous for breeding old Kladruby horses.


Aleš Klosen - Národní Hřebčín Kladruby nad Labem. Horses in general, belong to the main characteristics of this region. Not only is Pardubice the centre of the entire region, it also includes the front half of a horse in its city emblem, but primarily the world famous Grand Pardubice Steeplechase has been ridden here for more than one-hundred years, one of the most difficult races in Europe. In nearby Slatiňany, in addition to the horse-breeding farm you can find the very interestinghippological museum . You can also find a number of places in the Pardubice region, for experiencing an incredible holiday on horseback.


Aleš Klosen - Památník dr.Emila Holuba v Holicích. An inseparable symbol of Pardubice is the gingerbread. Whether it is decorated, or filled, surely nobody can resist, and for true gourmands, there is a temptation here in the form of a Gingerbread district below Kuněticka Mountain, where you can find the unique Museum of Gingerbread and Fairytales.


Aleš Klosen - Roubený kostelík sv.Mikuláše Veliny.Sports lovers will also find a little something of their own here. Pardubice is not only connected with  races. Junior tennis, the “Golden Helmet” speedway, the international chess tournament Czech Open or hockey also belong to the traditions of Pardubice. The city offers ideal conditions for in-line lovers, so you can head out to skate on roller-skates as well in summer. Pardubice’s character makes it a favourite region for sports fishing and last but not least, a paradise for cyclists!


Aleš Klosen - Rozhledna Barborka. Thanks to the flat terrain, the bicycle is the most common means of transport in the Parducbice region. The dense network of marked cycle trails and the high number of quality cycle trails makes it tourist attraction. Trails mainly lead along III. Class roads, local or utility roads with a reinforced surface, or along field and forest trails. Considering the character of the landscape, which is on flat along the flow of the Labe River, the trails are intended for a less demanding form of cycling. For example, the cycle trail from Pardubice to Kuneticka Mountain along the Labe River is very popular. Come and ride along one of our trails with a total distance of 440 km and see the most beautiful natural and architectural points of interest in the gingerbread heart of Bohemia!

Events calendar

5/21/2022 15:00
(ME družstev do 23 let - semifinále 1)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

7/12/2022 17:00
(Evropský pohár dvojic do 250 ccm)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/24/2022 13:00
(FIM Flat Track World Championship)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/24/2022 15:45
(48. Zlatá stuha juniorů)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/25/2022 12:00
(74. Zlatá přilba města Pardubic)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)


Which destination in the Pardubice region would you definitely recommend friends to visit?