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Thanks to an ideal geographical location and favourable climate, the Pardubice region has a long and rich history, which has left behind a number of cultural monuments. For example the gothic - renaissance chateau a historical centre of Pardubice , the castle on Kuněticka Mountain - the natural dominant point of the Pardubice region, the baroque chateau in Choltice and a number of examples of valuable folk architecture and religious buildings starting from the Romanesque church in Kojice and ending with the wooden church of St. Nicolas in Veliny . A truly exceptional monument is the horse-breeding farm in Kladruby nad Labem, famous for breeding old Kladruby horses. Ten of the most interesting places, which a visitor should not miss in this region, are presented in the following map.

Illustrated map of Pardubice region
Kladruby nad Labem - chateau and stud-farm Bohdaneč Spa The native home of the Veverkovi cousins in Rybitví Kunětická Hora Castle St. Nicholas church, Veliny Dr. Emil Holub Memorial - African Museum, Holice v Čechách Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum Choltice Chateau Barborka lookout tower Heřmanův Městec Synagogue

Events calendar

5/21/2022 15:00
(ME družstev do 23 let - semifinále 1)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

7/12/2022 17:00
(Evropský pohár dvojic do 250 ccm)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/24/2022 13:00
(FIM Flat Track World Championship)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/24/2022 15:45
(48. Zlatá stuha juniorů)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)

9/25/2022 12:00
(74. Zlatá přilba města Pardubic)
Speedway stadium (Pardubice)


Which destination in the Pardubice region would you definitely recommend friends to visit?