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Zoological and botanical gardens, arboretums, and caves

  • Arboretum
    Arboretum. The arboretum was forested in 1886-1889. A list of wood species was made by ing. Pokorny in 1964 and in 1986 it was processed by ing. Kulhankova.
    Address: Vysoké Chvojno
  • Fairytale garden
    Fairytale garden with animals that have been rescued from unsuitable circumstances or slaughterhouses. There are mainly livestock, goats, sheep, rabbits, but also pony, cats, guinea pigs, quail and turtle.
    Address: K Židovskému hřbitovu, Pardubice
  • Natura park - environmental education center
    Natura park - environmental education center. Natura Park is an environmental visitor, information and education centre dedicated to the education and popularisation of the Natura 2000 protected area.
    Address: Štolbova 2874, Pardubice
  • Vysoké Chvojno - arboretum
    Vysoké Chvojno - arboretum. The arboretum was founded by margrave Alexandr Pallaviczini after 1884. Trees were planted in English style by forester Adolf Laufke Sandtner. Trees were planted here from all continents of the northern hemisphere.
    Address: Vysoké Chvojno
  • Vysoké Chvojno - Small zoo
    Vysoké Chvojno - Small zoo. Address: K Zámečku, Vysoké Chvojno




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