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Technical monuments and planetariums

  • (Akvadukt na Židově)
    Address: Do Nového, Pardubice
  • At Five Canals - railway viaduct
    At Five Canals - railway viaduct. A viaduct from 1845 bisecting the Struha Stream bed just before its confluence with the Elbe River.
    Address: Valy
  • Automatic mills
    Automatic mills. The first reference of the mill dates back to 1586, a new mill was built later on, which was the property of the Winternitz brotehrs. The mill buildings and silos are registered national technical listed buildings. The complex belongs to the top ten largest facilities of its type in the CR.
    Address: Mezi Mosty 436, Pardubice
  • Gočár's water reservoir
    The building was built in 1910 by Hrůza & Rosenberg from Prague according to the design of the architect Josef Gočár. The water reservoir is a part of the former military grounds Na Lužice and served its purpose until 1980.
    Address: Lázně Bohdaneč
  • Museum of Rosice nad Labem
    Museum of Rosice nad Labem. A well-arranged collection of objects documenting railway history, particularly in the Pardubice Region, as well as public transportation in the city of Pardubice. Trips in historic motor vehicles, historic trolleybuses, etc. can be organized.
    Address: Nádražní 53, Pardubice
  • (Němčický most)
    Address: Němčice
  • Observatory of Baron Arthur Kraus
    Observatory of Baron Arthur Kraus. The observatory, which is in service from 1992, employs several telescopes up to the size of 45 cm reflector.
    Address: Gorkého 2658, Pardubice
  • Opatovice Canal - canal
    Opatovice Canal - canal. This water canal was built in 1498 - 1521 to use the Labe water for feeding a large network of artificial fishing lakes founded by the local lord. The canal is 34.7 km long and the bed width is between 1,5 - 5 m.
    Address: Opatovice nad Labem
  • Přelouč - small hydro power plant
    Přelouč - small hydro power plant. Run-of-the-river plant on the 116th kilometer of the ELbe River. It was originally equipped with four Francis vertical turbines. Two turbo generator units were replaced in 2003 with Kaplan turbines with an output of 677 kW. The installed electrical output totals 2340 kW.
    Address: Přelouč
  • Semín aqueduct
    Semín aqueduct. The multi-level intersection of the Opatovice Canal with local Sopřečský Stream is called Mulda.
    Address: Semín
  • The iron bridge
    Address: Kunětice
  • Upper water mill
    A water mill with timbered first floor dating back to the 18th century. It was first owned by Hein Johanes Heys.
    Address: Býšť
  • Water mill
    Water mill. Address: Štenclova, Dašice




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