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Ruins, city fortifications

  • Green gate
    Green gate. Renaissance gate with façade featuring a relief by Mikoláš Aleš depicting the Lords of Pardubice. The tower is 60 metres tall and provides a magnificent view of the town monument zone, the chateau, and the surrounding areas.
    Address: Zelenobranská 68, Pardubice
  • Neulust - chateau ruin
    Neulust - chateau ruin. The ruins of the hunting chateau stand in the middle of a former French park. It was commissioned by the owner of the Chroustovice estate Filip Kinsky. In 1823, Karel Alexander Thurn - Taxis acquired it and left it to fall into disrepair.
    Address: Trusnov
  • Svojšice - castle ruins
    Svojšice - castle ruins. Ruins of a fortress from 1365; massive stone walls have been preserved. As an aristocratic residence the fortress served the knight family of the Gerštorfs of Gerštorf from the first third of the 16th century until the Thirty Years War when it was burned.
    Address: Svojšice




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