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National nature monuments and reservations

  • Bohdanečský Lakes - nature preserve
    Bohdanečský Lakes - nature preserve. The protected wilderness area of Bohdanečský Pond and Mother pond is only a fraction of former magnificent system of 300 ponds in the region of Pardubice established in the early 16th century. To improve acquaintance with the area, a physically undemanding educational trail was built along the dike of the Bohdanečský Pond, which uses 7 information panels to introduce visitors to local fishing, botany, and zoology. Following the trail you can watch nesting birds by a telescope.
    Address: Lázně Bohdaneč
  • Semínský dune - national natural heritage area
    Semínský dune - national natural heritage area. A sand dune, the only habitat of a locoweed species in the CR
    Address: Semín




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