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Memorials and monuments

  • Cemetery chapel - Thun family tomb
    Address: Choltice
  • Parental home of the Veverkovy brothers
    Parental home of the Veverkovy brothers. Typical farmhouse with one living room. A memorial sign is placed on the house with the words: "Vaclav Veverka was born here, the inventor of the "ruchadlo" plow, on 10th December, 1790." A monument to the Veverkovy nrothers stands in the garden and a "ruchadlo" monument stands on the site, where the Veverkovy first plowed in 1827.
    Address: Rybitví
  • Small chateau - pious site
    Small chateau - pious site. A national cultural monument – the site of mass execution of citizens from Pardubice, Ležaky, and the surrounding area as revenge for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich is commemorated by two monuments in the form of sandstone blocks with sculptural reliefs. The memorial hall of the pious site houses period documents.
    Address: Pardubice




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