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Jewish monuments

  • Holice - Jewish cemetery
    Holice - Jewish cemetery. The cemetery was founded in 1913; half of the original 1,105 m2 is used today, and 22 tombstones from 1914-1937 have been preserved.
    Address: Holice
  • Pardubice - Jewish cemetery
    Pardubice - Jewish cemetery. Land for a cemetery was sold to Pardubice Jews in 1624. Even after expansion the cemetery was no longer sufficient; in 1883 the so-called New Cemetery was established. Upon orders from the German office the cemetery was liquidated in 1939 and remains were transferred to a common grave at the New Cemetery along with several tombstones, which were placed to the left of the entrance. In this cemetery is located a memorial with the names of 542 Pardubice victims of the Holocaust and a second dedicated to seven unknown victims that did not survive transport from Auschwitz in January 1945. Inscriptions on the tombstones are in Hebrew, German, and Czech.
    Address: Pardubice
  • Přelouč - Jewish cemetery
    Přelouč - Jewish cemetery. The old cemetery from 1681was liquidated in 1874. The new cemetery was established in 1887 next to today’s municipal cemetery. Approximately 20 tombstones from the years 1890-1922 have been preserved, as has a mass grave of nine victims of the so-called “death march" from the Auschwitz concentration camp in January 1945.
    Address: Přelouč
  • Přelouč - building of former synagogue
    The Neo-Romanesque synagogue was built in the courtyard of House No. 25 in 1860-1861; the building was subsequently purchased and used by the Hussite Church.
    Address: Tůmy Přeloučského 332, Přelouč




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