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Church monuments

  • Ancient belfry
    Ancient belfry. The 12 metre tall, eight-sided belfry is one of the largest belfries in the Czech Republic, most probably dating all the waz back to the 16th century. The exterior is created from three planks vertically placed above each other. The total circumference of the exterior exceeds thirty-two metres.
    Address: Sezemice
  • Church of St. Nicholas, bishop
    Church of St. Nicholas, bishop. At the site of the present day church once stood an evidently older church (annonymous record from the middle of the 14th century stored in the archives of the Vatican). The timber, single-aisle church, with a shingle roof in the shape of a traingle is a unique monument of baroque, folk architecture. Two bells have been preserved in the present day belfry, dating back to the 16th, respectively 15th century. The timber mortuary with a picture of St. Nicholas, dating back to the 1st half of the 18th century.
    Address: Veliny
  • Třebosice - wooden belfry
    Třebosice - wooden belfry. According to experts, one of the last typical symmetrical, eight-sided buildings, belonging to the most valuable in the entire republic.
    Address: Třebosice
  • Wooden belfry
    Wooden belfry. Address: Pardubice - Pardubičky
  • Wooden belfry
    Wooden belfry. Address: Horní Ředice




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