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Billiards / pool

  • Active Sport Club
    Active Sport Club. sporting goods and equipment shop, fitness centre for the public, indoor walking, indoor ping-pong, sporting goods and equipment rental, sports hall / gym, billiards - pool
    Address: Chrudimská 2830, Pardubice
  • (Areál Pod Vinicí)
    playground, billiards - pool, outdoor sports ground, indoor ping-pong, billiards - carambol, sporting goods and equipment rental
    Address: K Vinici 1901, Pardubice
  • Bar Rio
    billiards - carambol
    Address: Husova 106, Pardubice
  • Billiard club RIO Přelouč
    billiards - carambol
    Address: Hradecká 40, Přelouč
  • Bohdaneč Spa Car Camp
    Bohdaneč Spa Car Camp. billiards - carambol, playground, independent trout fishing ground - pond, outdoor sports ground
    Address: Lázně Bohdaneč
  • Bowling Bar Dubina
    billiards - carambol, bowling
    Address: Lidmily Malé 656, Pardubice
  • Hattrick Restaurant
    billiards - pool
    Address: Sukova třída 1735, Pardubice
  • (Hostinec Mash Veselí)
    billiards - carambol, bowling
    Address: Veselí 98, Veselí
  • House of Children and Youth Alfa
    billiards - carambol
    Address: Družby 334, Pardubice
  • Jamaica Bowling Club
    Jamaica Bowling Club. billiards - carambol, bowling
    Address: Nerudova 1533, Přelouč
  • Maple Pool Club
    billiards - pool
    Address: Ohrazenická 281, Pardubice
  • Motel Železné Hory
    Russian skittles, outdoor "man, don't be angry", playground, outdoor sports ground, billiards - carambol, outdoor minigolf, sports hall / gym
    Address: Kojice 179, Kojice
  • Penzion Parkur Hrobice
    Penzion Parkur Hrobice. sauna for accommodated guests only, indoor whirlpool for hotel guests only, billiards - carambol, outdoor swimming pool for hotel guests only, solarium, sporting goods and equipment rental, fitness centre for accommodated guests only, outdoor sports ground
    Address: Hrobice 75, Hrobice
  • (Restaurace Na hřišti)
    billiards - carambol
    Address: Lipoltická 324, Choltice
  • Secluded Motorest
    billiards - carambol
    Address: Za dráhou 332, Řečany nad Labem
  • (Skrblíkova restaurace)
    billiards - carambol
    Address: Dudychova 313, Holice
  • (Sport bar Zelená Žába)
    billiards - carambol
    Address: Hronovická 929, Pardubice
  • (U Jezevce)
    billiards - carambol
    Address: Bezděkov 12
  • (Zábavní centrum Zababa)
    (Zábavní centrum Zababa). billiards - carambol, bowling
    Address: Na Lužci 705, Lázně Bohdaneč




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