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Wandering through the region of Pardubice to see sights and nature

The programme is focussed on getting to know Chrudimska and the most important places in the Pardubice region. History lovers will appreciate the tour of the centre of Chrudim, the Jewish monuments in Meřmanově Městci, the castle ruins of Lichnice, Žleby Castle, the Celtic exhibition in Nasavrkách, the rococo castle in Nový Hrady, the churches in Kočí or Polička. It is also worth visiting the outdoor museum of folk architecture in Veselé Kopce. Horse lovers will also find a little something for themselves. They will have the chance to visit the hippological museum in Kladruby Castle, in Slatiňany. You will admire the beauty of nature around the valley reservoir Seč, and take a stroll through the rock town in Toulovcový Maštale. In the region of Pardubice, UNESCO is represented by Litomyšl, which is why a visit to this town can not be left out.

Number of days 7
Predominant type of transportation car / motorcycle
Suitable for the type of customer families with children, middle-aged people without children, senior citizens, young and active
Persons 2 - 8
Period spring, summer, autumn
Conditions The programme is perceived as a sightseeing tour. However, it is not necessary to complete all tours. They are just recommendations. With consideration to the fact that some days are focussed more on nature or bathing, it will be necessary to keep an eye on the weather. As usual, the closing day is Monday. The chateau in Nasavrk is also opened on Mondays, which is why we recommened planning a trip to Nasavrk and Seče on Monday.
1. day Arrival in Chrudim, accommodation, afternoon tour of the town and museums, evening programme (e.g. cultural event, lecture, cinema, bowling)
2. day Chrudim → Heřmanův Městec (Jewish monuments; lunch),
Heřmanův Městec → Žleby (chateau),
Žleby → Lichnice (ruin) → Chrudim, evening programme

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • [1] - Zámecká 1, Žleby, phone No.: 327398121
  • [2] - Třemošnice, phone No.: 724179933
3. day Chrudim → Nasavrky (Exhibition In the Footsteps of the Celts , Celtic footpath, lunch), Nasavrky → Sečská Dam (ruins of Oheb Castle, swimming, boat trip), Seč → Chrudim

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • [3] - Náměstí 1, Nasavrky, phone No.: 469677566, 720357075
  • [4]
  • [5]
  • [6] - Náměstí 1, Nasavrky, phone No.: 469677566, 607562965
4. day Chrudim → Pardubice (tour of the city, optional cruise on the Arnošt along the Elbe River; lunch), Pardubice → Kunětický Mountain (gothic castle), Kunětický Mountain → Kladruby nad Labem (neo-renaissance chateau and horse-breeding farm) → Chrudim
evening programme

Visited attractions and included services for this day
5. day Chrudim → Toulovcovy Maštale (rock town) → Terezka viewing tower, Terezka viewing tower → Nové Hrady (rococo chateau; lunch), Nové Hrady → Chrudim

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • [9]
  • [10] - Paseky, Proseč, phone No.: 702449798, 728645099
  • [11] - čp. 1, Nové Hrady, phone No.: 469325353
6. day Chrudim → Slatiňany (renaissance chateau, English park),
Slatiňany → Veselý Kopec (open-air museum of folk architecture, lunch), Veselý Kopec → Hlinsko (Betlém), Hlinsko → Chrudim, evening programme

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • [12] - Zámecký park 1, Slatiňany, phone No.: 469681112, 725847258
  • [13] - Veselý kopec, phone No.: 469326415, 469333175
  • [14] - Betlém - Příčná ul. 350, Hlinsko v Čechách, phone No.: 469311429, 469326415
7. day Chrudim → Kočí (wooden church of St. Bartholomew),
Kočí → Litomyšl (renaissance chateau, square; lunch),
Litomyšl → Polička (medieval ramparts, birthplace of B. Martinů),
end of stay and departure

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • [15] - Kočí, phone No.: 724180265
  • [16] - Jiráskova 93, Litomyšl, phone No.: 461615067
  • [17] - Polička, phone No.: 461723855


Which destination in the Pardubice region would you definitely recommend friends to visit?