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Relaxation connected with learning about the history and present of horse breeding.

The regions of Pardubice and Chrudim offer horse lovers plenty of treats. While in Pardubice you will visit the race track, on which horses run the most difficult race in Europe, the Velká Pardubická, then in Slatiňany you will have a look at the history of breeding horses at the localHippologickal museum. Also, you will see the Old Kladruby Blackhorse, which was saved for the future by professor Bílek - here in Slatiňany. Once you are accommodated at the Bohdaneč Spa, you can order a full days worth of spa procedures, which will set your mood right. The icing on the cake is a visit to the rococo gem of the Czech Republic - ChateauNové Hrady.

Number of days 6
Predominant type of transportation bus, car / motorcycle
Suitable for the type of customer families with children, middle-aged people without children, senior citizens, young and active
Persons 20 - 30
Period spring, summer, autumn
1. day arrival in Bohdaneč Spa, accommodation
2. day Bohdaneč Spa - relaxation procedures, salt cave etc., Bukovka - horsedrawn vehicle rides, variant: National horse breeding farm in Kladruby – tour of the stables, chateau, horseback rides, horsedrawn carriage rides

Visited attractions and included services for this day
3. day Pardubice – tour of the race grounds, tour of the city, shopping

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • Agrofert park [3] - Pražská 607, Pardubice, phone No.: 466797111
4. day Chrudim – town and museum, Slatiňany - chateau, museum, stables of the national horse breeding farm, coach rides

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • [4] - Široká ul. 86, Chrudim, phone No.: 469620330
  • [5] - Zámecký park 1, Slatiňany, phone No.: 469681112, 725847258
  • [6] - Zámecký park 169, Slatiňany, phone No.: 469681135, 727 935 143
5. day Nové Hrady - chateau, gallery, museum of cycling, farm

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • [7] - čp. 1, Nové Hrady, phone No.: 469325353
6. day departure


Which destination in the Pardubice region would you definitely recommend friends to visit?