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Horses and fairytales by foot and steamboat

The programme offers parents and their children several days during which the children are guaranteed not to be bored. An enjoyable boat cruise belowKuněticka Mountain, a visit to the Gingerbread House with a real witch, who bakes sweet gingerbreads will attract the attention of both children and parents alike. Also, the unique a href='turobjekty-info.php?id=6928'>Museum of Puppetry in Chrudim is worth a visit. In Slatiňany the view of the Old Kladruby Blackhorse will fascinate everyone, plus a trip to Kočičí Castle - a miniature version of the castle, which was built as a toy for children . If the weather is favourable, there will also be time for swimming in the water reservoir, and if not then a visit to see the horses at the farmSlunečný Dvůr will be well worth it.

Number of days 5
Predominant type of transportation on foot, bus, horse, boat
Suitable for the type of customer families with children
Persons - 20
Period summer
1. day arrival in Pardubice, accommodation, tour of the city
2. day (6.5 km) boat cruise on the Arnošt of Pardubice to Kunětic – by foot or bus to Kuněticka Mountain,
Ráby - Gingerbread Housee - Museum of Gingerbread, or
the Riding Hall below Kuněticka Mountain or the riding hall Zlatá podkova (the Golden Horseshoe) - horseback rides

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • trail. Za koňmi i za pohádkami nejen pěšky a parníkem - 2. den (hiking trail, 6.5 km) gpx
    Information on altitude: start - 221 m, end - 221 m, ascended - 181 m, descended - 175 m, minimum - 220 m, maximum - 313 m
  • Kunětická hora [1] - Staré Hradiště, phone No.: 466415428
  • The Gingerbread Cabin [2] - V Perníkové chaloupce č.p.38, Ráby, phone No.: 466612474, 602413134
3. day (9.1 km) Chrudim – tour of the town, Regional museum in Chrudim or the Museum of Puppetry, Slatiňany – tour of the stables of the national hrose breeding farm, walk to Kočičí hrádek

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • trail. Za koňmi i za pohádkami nejen pěšky a parníkem - 3. den (hiking trail, 9.1 km) gpx
    Information on altitude: start - 254 m, end - 268 m, ascended - 121 m, descended - 98 m, minimum - 250 m, maximum - 345 m
  • [3] - Široká ul. 86, Chrudim, phone No.: 469620330
  • [4] - Zámecký park 169, Slatiňany, phone No.: 469681135, 727 935 143
  • [5] - Slatiňany
4. day Holičky - Farm Slunečný Dvůr - tour of the stables,
Seč - swimming, walks, in case of rain a trip into the surroundings(Nasavrky – to see the Celtic museum, Veselý Kopec - openair museum)

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • [6] - Holičky 34, Morašice, phone No.: 730820340
  • [7] - Seč – Ústupky

5. day departure


Which destination in the Pardubice region would you definitely recommend friends to visit?