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Nejtek - Klápště - Wróblewski

New project of three prominent personalities of Czech Music Scene, who are members of various bands of different genres. This band combines an influences of jazz tradition, contemporary music and folk music. Michal Nejtek is an important composer of contemporary music, as an interpret, h s member of NTS, Malina-Liška-Nejtek or a band of famous Czech rock guitar player, Michal Pavlíček Miloš Klápště is one of the most prominent bass player in Czech Republic (bands: Voila, Professional Deformation, Fehero Rocher, Janoušek-Wróblewski Quartet...) Michal Wróblewski is leader of several projects in Czech R., Norway (where he lived for three years) and also some international (E Converso, KIAP, MW Ensemble, Swomp, Janoušek-Wróblewski Quartet)

Type concert
Event venue Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum (Pardubice)
Date and time of event Sat 10/21/2017 19:00 - 20:00
Barrier-free access Unknown (No wheelchair access)
Data source Pardubice Chateau - Eastern Bohemia Museum


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