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Ancient belfry

Starobylá zvonice


The 12 metre tall, eight-sided belfry is one of the largest belfries in the Czech Republic, most probably dating all the waz back to the 16th century. The exterior is created from three planks vertically placed above each other. The total circumference of the exterior exceeds thirty-two metres.

Telephone: +420 737 547 761, +420 466 931 904
GPS: 50°3'52.89"N 15°51'14.77"E
231 m above sea level



Category religious monument

Tours / exhibitions

Description There are four bells in the belfry, two small ones (the noon and death bell) and two large ones. The oldest and largest one dates back to 1553.


The nearest train stations
Nearest bus stop
The nearest airport
  • Pardubice (10 km)
  • Mnichovo Hradiště (81 km)
  • Václav Havel Aiport (114 km)


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