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Gočár Tour - educational trail with posted information

Gočárův okruh

533 41 Lázně Bohdaneč

A 5 km long walking trail offering undemanding hiking through the town and countryside in combination with the possibility to become acquainted with noteworthy sites and buildings in the town Lázně Bohdaneč. This circuit attempts to commemorate the important architect Josef Gočár, and in particular his work in the town at the beginning of the 20th century.

GPS: 50°4'32.94"N 15°40'48.43"E
221 m above sea level



Category educational trail
First year open to the public 2005
  • Export data for GPS device in GPX format Gočár Tour - education trail (5.2 km)
    Information on altitude: start - 221 m, end - 221 m, minimum - 216 m, maximum - 241 m

Tours / exhibitions

Open to public open entry Photography allowed:  YesVideo cameras allowed:  Yes
Exhibition specialization history of the 20th century, regional history


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  • Pardubice (8 km)
  • Mnichovo Hradiště (71 km)
  • Václav Havel Aiport (101 km)


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