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Zdechovice - chateau

Zdechovice 96, 533 11 Zdechovice

The fortress was first mentioned in the mid-14th century; later, as a wooden chateau, the structure burned to the ground in 1803. Under ownership by the Žerotín family a Renaissance chateau was built in the second half of the 16th century; the structure underwent Baroque reconstruction in the second half of the 18th century and received additional modifications in later years. The chateau included a park, part English and part French, which was destroyed by the engineer regiment of the Soviet Army while stationed here in the 1970's and 1980's.

Telephone: +420 466 936 101, +420 606 660 236
GPS: 50°0'49.29"N 15°28'9.9"E
225 m above sea level

Services in the building:



Category chateau, niche chapel, chapel, park
Certificates and memberships Tourist stamp
Style baroque (50%), classicism / empirical (40%), Renaissance (10%)
Services library / reading room, payphone, sale of novelties and souvenirs
First year open to the public 1990
Date of construction 1350
Year of latest reconstruction 1985

Tours / exhibitions

Opening hours
(GMT +1)
  • year round all day (only to order)

Before visiting the building we recommend checking the current opening hours on the building's website or by contacting the operator by telephone.

Standard tour
Description Main building, chapel, one of four servant homes, military jail, and park.
Opening hours
(GMT +1)
Sightseeing time: 120 min.
Foreign languages tour guide (Czech, German, Russian)
Shortened tour
Description Chateau + chapel
Opening hours
(GMT +1)
Last tour before closing: 60 min.
Foreign languages tour guide (Czech, German, Russian)


Distance from parking lot 500 m
  • capacity personal: 5, free
  • capacity coaches: 2, free
Bus/tram stop 500 m
Metro station 90 km
The nearest train stations
Nearest bus stop
The nearest airport
  • Pardubice (19 km)
  • Mnichovo Hradiště (67 km)
  • Václav Havel Aiport (87 km)


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