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Pardubice - Ráby


The route of the trail starts at the Cihelna swimming pool and leads along the Labe River through Brozany all the way to Raby. At the beginning of the trail, you need to be wary of vehicles that use this trail as an access road to the garden settlements. The threat comes to a halt with the installed retarder, beyond which vehicles can no longer drive. The trail is wide enough and enables comfortable riding for two skaters next to each other. After about ca. 2 km the trail turns sharply to the left of the Labe River and brings us to the village Brozany. If you would like to continue to Raby, go through the village and continue between the fields along the newly built part of this trail, where the trail gradually narrows. Be careful when crossing the Ráby - Kunětice highway where the trail ends with a slight ride down onto the highway and ends with a road-fence, which you need to avoid. All of this in combination with trees and bushes on the shoulder which also make it hard to see the highway. The trail continuing to Raby is once again narrower at the beginning along the Labe and riding next to one another is no longer so comfortable.

GPS: 50°2'47.52"N 15°46'34.61"E
220 m above sea level



  • in-line roller-blading track
  • Export data for GPS device in GPX format Pardubice - Ráby - in-line skating track, cycle trail (without motor vehicles and hikers) (5.3 km)
    Information on altitude: start - 217 m (minimum), end - 234 m (maximum)


The nearest train stations
Nearest bus stop
The nearest airport
  • Pardubice (4 km)
  • Mnichovo Hradiště (78 km)
  • Václav Havel Aiport (108 km)


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